Friday, October 26, 2007

Purple Jerseys & National Champtionships

The other day when talking about the Rockies in the World Series I was wondering if it was possible to wear a purple Jersey and win the national championship or title .

Jgons was the first to point out the LA Lakers have had incredible success with their purple colored jersey winning "27 Division Titles, 28 Conference & a womping 15 Championship Titles."

What other purple jersey teams have had a chance to claim themselves as the best?

In basketball, the Lakers might be it. The Toronto Raptors and Utah Jazz have both won titles, but never a championship.

In college basketball Holy Cross won the championship in 1947 & CCNY in 1950 both wearing purple.

(The Washington Bucks have also won, but when they won they were wearing Red and Green, not their current purple uniforms)

What about football Superbowl wins. The Vikings in purple have gone 4 times, and never won. But in 2000 the Baltimore Ravens in their shade of purple did win the Superbowl.

In Division I college Athletics, the LSU Tigers won the title in 1958 & 2003. In 1935 (predating the current polling system) TCU and LSU shared the National title, and again in 1938 TCU was ranked number 1 by the associated press. The Washington Huskies won the football championship in 1960 and in 1991.

And even as far as the world series, I believe the Arizona Diamondbacks wore purple in 2001 when they won the World Series.

So farbeit for me to say that Purple is a color that can't win and do great things.

Go Rockies!


Ando said...

Well then what's the Rockies' problem? :)

Lorna said...

I always think of purple as my victory colour because it raises my self-esteem for some reason. I am not a part of a national championship team, but if iwere, I would have at least a purple version of team boxers.

RC said...

@ wasn't the purple.

@ lorna...glad you're supporting the color purple at's a great victory color...and it took the Rockies far this year.