Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Actress Short list - Many Are Funny, Lighthearted, or Sing!

Last month I put together the list of top 10 Golden Globe best musical/comedy actress predictions, largely because with the race as open as it is this year, the golden globes, could play a big role.

Traditionally, the golden globes drama nominees most closely mirror the academy award nominees, yet this year many of the potential comedy/musical nominees for the golden globes could become the eventual Academy Nominees themselves.

Yet, many of these previously buzzed films have lost significant buzz upon release (consider Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Reservation Road, Rendition, Lions for Lambs, etc.)

In September I listed 15 potential best actress nominees.

8 of the original short list of 15 are deleted: Jodie Foster, The Brave One; Jennifer Connelly, Reservation Road; Meryl Streep, Lions for Lambs; Reese Witherspoon, Rendition; Naomi Watts, Eastern Promises; Halle Berry, Things We Lost in the Fire; Keri Russell, Waitress; Nicole Kidman, Margot at the Wedding.

But there are actually 2 names that will get added. The first one is Helena Bonhem Carter for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, who's role is being campaigned as lead instead of supporting.

The second addition is an odd one, and one I can not trace it's origin, but the buzz for Amy Adams in Enchanted is certainly curious, and if this talented actress is able to race across the Academy nomination finish line for this role, that I see that as a triumph. The movie looks like a lot of fun, and of course, early word says Amy Adams does a terrific job as the fairy tale princess in the real world.

So the top 9 potential best actress Oscar nominees as of Nov. 14th are...

1. Ellen Page (Juno)
2. Keira Knightley (Atonement)
3. Julie Christie (Away from Her)
4. Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose)
5. Cate Blanchett (The Golden Age)
6. Amy Adams (Enchanted)
7. Laura Linney (The Savages)
8. Helena Bonham Carter (Sweeney Todd)
9. Angelina Jolie (A Mighty Heart)

Notice, that 5 of the 9 remaining contenders would be considered by the Hollywood Foreign Press as lead actresses in a Comedy/Musical (1,4,6,7,8...assuming Cotillard falls in that category).

Am I honestly forgetting someone who has a true chance of being nominated for an academy award in the lead actress category? Did I prematurely eliminate anyone from the race in the 8 I eliminated?

Also will the buzz for Blanchett's supporting role in I'm Not There, be strong enough to remind people of her performance in Elizabeth: The Golden Age?

The interesting question this year is probably what actress is going to sneak into the Golden Globe drama best actress category this year that doesn't have an academy award prayer?


Barry said...

My predictions for Best Actress are:

Julie Christie - Away From Her
Marion Cotillard - La Vie en Rose
Keira Knightley - Atonement
Laura Linney - The Savages
Ellen Page - Juno

3 of the 5 nominees are would be GG Comedy/Musical nominations =)

Good that you guys stopped watching Because I Said So. No one should have to suffer through that dreck.

Michael Parsons said...

I still wouldn't rule out Foster completely, but I am thinking Linney will get a nom and posible win (overdue, does comedy and drama, is brilliant in the role, also has Jindabyne out)

You never know if there is a last minute surprise out there.

Anonymous said...

by others news, Uma Thurman's acclaimed caracter in "In bloom" will open to the theaters by December 21 and maybe Julianne Moore and "Savage grace" will open on December 29. Well see

Anonymous said...

I read that Marion Cotillard put in the drama category:

-Julie Christie "Away from her"
-Marion Cotillard "La vie en rose"
-Ellen PAge "Juno"
Long shot:
-Uma Thurman "In bloom"
-Laura Linney "The Savages"
-Helena Bonham C. "Sweeney Todd"
-Keira Knightley "Atonement"
-Cate Blanchett "The golden age"
-Angelina Jolie "A mighty heart"
Dark horses:
-Julianne Moore "Savage grace"
-Nicole Kidman "Margot at the wedding"
-Amy Adams "Enchanted"
-Nikki Blonsky "Hairspray"
-Jodie Foster "The brave one"
-Keri Russell "Waitress"
Who knows?...
-Halle Berry "things we lost in the fire"
-Wei Tang "Lust Caution"
-Giovanna MEzzogiorno "LITTOC"

Anonymous said...

usually spot on about acting noms and Laura Linney's work in The Savages is pretty undeniable. don't think there is much chance of her being left out.

and just an FYI, have seen clips and heard LOTS of rumors that Helena Bonham Carter has some pretty bad singing issues in Sweeney and i would agree from what i have seen...