Monday, February 04, 2008

Mel Gibson's Trying To Change His Image By Running For President

His plan is working...

You see Mel Gibson's been side...all highs and lows. Gibson winning 2 Oscars for Braveheart was a great peak, but then came the valleys, and then the peaks, and suddenly the peaks weren't high enough.

In addition, Mel Gibson, tired of the allegation of alcholism, anti-semitism, etc. has contrived a plan.

A life makeover and an effort to reach a new peak...the American presidency.

Who knows how "super tuesday" will workout for Mel Gibson and his "new life" in the upcoming primary...but his makeover might just be working.

After some minor plastic surgery (pushing out the cheek bones, tucking the ears, etc.) Mel Gibson has adopted his new look.

He hired a family, asked people to rewrite some history using obscure states like Utah and Massachusett's recent history and rewriting news stories and senate vote records. This was the most challenging part because the politicians and people in Washington rarely would ever consider doing anything unethical, but you know Mad Max and Lethal Weapon are non-partisan favorites.

The writer's strike is has allowed him to hire the best writers to write him not only speechs and commercials, but to completly write a full life makeover script. The writers have been working hard, but Mel Gibson pays top dollar.

Let's see how Mel Gibson's writers will do tomorrow as the official writers of the Mitt Romney story.


jasdye said...

Mitt = Mel?

possibly. except i think that mel is more environmentally conscious.

Fox said...

I KNEW there was something that bugged me about Romney!

Anonymous said...

I guess he won't have a problem finding someone to play him in his biopic.

Terence Towles Canote said...

Hmmm. I'd have to quiz Romney on his knowledge of English history to know if he's Mel or not. If he is wholly ignorant of it (especially the whole William Wallace episode), then he must be Mel.....