Monday, April 21, 2008

A Gas Price (and Honeymoon) Reflection

This morning on my way to work, I had a sudden flash back to a honeymoon memory.

When my wife and I got married in 2005 we had the opportunity to honeymoon in the Monterey, California area.

Gas prices had begun to rise, and the Jeep Wrangler we had rented was tons of fun, but certainly took it's fair share of gas as we drove throughout Pacific Grove, Monterey, San Fransisco, San Jose, and so forth. Gas around most of the cities was around $2.69. Steeper than what we were used to paying in the middle of United States, where gas prices had settled snuggly above the two dollar mark.

One day we driving down to Hearst Castle along Highway 1 and realized that our gas was probably not going to get us down to the Castle and back so when we stopped for some lunch we wanted to get some gas. Somewhere south of Big Sur we stopped for a sandwich and were shocked at the gas prices. The gas here was $3.69. I had never seen, nor could I imagine gas so high.

We needed some gas, but certainly not a full tank of this proud gasoline. So I filled up the tank with fifteen dollars worth, just a tad over 4 gallons. Knowing we could fill up later for at least a dollar less.

Amazed at these high prices, I took a picture with my camera phone and this picture became part of the texture of our trip as we told our friends about the $3.69 gas station.

Today on my way to work, I turned on my car and was reminded my gas light had turned on during the weekend and I needed to get some gas on my way to work.

I pulled into the gas station to see unleaded gasoline cost $3.69. A number that brought back a found memory of "remember that time we payed close to four dollars for gas on our honeymoon." Except this time I didn't have the hope of finding a place later that day that would charge me less, and $3.69 might be as good as it gets.

Yet, for memory's sake I decided to fill up the tank with $15 worth of gas (just over 4 gallons) and thought "who knows maybe it'll be cheaper, tomorrow" and with that drove off to work with fond memories of a great Honeymoon almost three years ago.


Anonymous said...

If only it would drop tomorrow. You may have made a losing bet :). $3.69 is pretty normal here...sounds to me like you got a good deal!

crackers and cheese said...

It's still in the 3.30-something range, which is 10 cents higher than just a week ago. Our government needs to get it's act together and do something about this before we have a real crisis on our hands.

But, I can't count on that, so I'm trying to move somewhere next year where I can ride the bus or bike to work and school.

nate said...

Great's written well. It's funny the things that trigger fond memories are sometimes bitter in and of themselves (like expensive gas).

Anonymous said...

We saw it for $4.07 (!!!) in Santa Barbara on the weekend...I am trying to consoladate my trips. In fact I skipped a meeting at CU medical center yesterday, so not to waste gas (actually my time, it was an excuse not to go to a meeting that I didn't want to go to!!)

Ando said...

I also honeymooned in Monterey, but back in 2000 when gas was significantly cheaper. This story does remind me of my trip to Yosemite in Nov. of 2006. We had to fill up at the last gas station before entering the park. It was about 3.70 a gallon, which was at least a dollar higher than normal, and we also took a picture of the sign to show our friends how outrageous it was. Oh how times have changed.

crackers and cheese said...

BTW, I second Nate. This is a great story.

b13 said...

It's sickening that the prices keep going up and then we hear about the big oil corps. turning billions in profit. And why is diesel more expensive than regular? It is less refined and should cost less... just freakin' ridiculous!