Friday, April 25, 2008

Preparing A Space For Baby

After multiple trips of just going in and looking around, I finally have gotten over my fear of Babies 'R Us, although I still think it's one of the craziest most intimidating places on the planet (these bibs are made with Organic Cotton? And this changing pad is ergonomic, and is supposed to support higher brain function, it may be over this one that fifteen dollars cheaper...if you love your babies brain...)

It's sort of odd, but it's hard to know as a soon-to-be-Dad how to "prepare for the baby." Nine months is a long time, and the got-to-be-doing side of me feels like I need to be preparing in some way.
There are some things I can do to prepare, but in many ways I feel like my wife and I have been preparing since day one of our marriage, learning to have a healthy family. At the right time, God has paved the way for us to expand our family with a baby girl this upcoming June.

But beyond things like preparing financially for maternity, making the pre-trips to the hospital, going with the wife to her appointments, there's only so much the male can do...the female has to adjust eating and sleeping patterns, deal with a changing body, changing clothes, changing hormones and prepare for various "mom things" like feeding.

So, it's been surprisingly enjoyable to help "preparing the baby space" (or shall we say...the nursery). Although my preference is for blank white walls and minimal furnishings, preparing a baby nursery has been a lot more fun then I would have expected, especially painting. We've painted pink walls, I've painted a bookshelf, and today tasked myself to a new painting project...painting wall art to match the baby bedding.

The three canvases will go up soon, (they are designed to match the Pottery Barn crib bedding you can see on my wife's blog here, believe me if I wasn't copying pottery barn the red flower would have more detail and the yellow flower wouldn't have square leaves). It was a really fun project, and I thought I'd share my amateur artwork here on my blog (just slightly more sophisticated than the last time I displayed "artwork").


Anonymous said...

Yea for you...very cute idea, you are so creative!!!

AK said...

Ryan - those are VERY good! Can't wait to see them in June!

Terence Towles Canote said...

Congrats again. And if it is any consolation, I think most men are at a loss as to how to prepare for that first baby!

jasdye said...

i sure was. but i think what you listed as something you've been preparing for from day 1 as ab-so-lute-ly essential, having a healthy family.

baby girl's gonna test that, but having a strong foundation will make the first several months (until you can start sleeping again) that much more bearable and enjoyable.

Aimee said...

hi ryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. i'm excited for you and kim.

on an unrelated note, since you are the movie buff, have you seen "expelled: no intelligence allowed"? joe and i saw last weekend and i'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Ando said...

This all sounds very familiar. Everytime we were at a store selling baby wares I kept thinking (and in moments of weakness saying to my wife) that they didn't have the fancy, ergonomic, brain developing, stuff for decades and we turned out all right, why should I spend the extra $25? But maybe I'm just behind the times. My one piece of advice, speaking from !experience, pack the suitcase NOW!

Tucker said...

Congrats to you and your wife! As a father of two beautiful girls I can say fatherhood is very rewarding.