Sunday, April 27, 2008

W Movies - Oliver Stone is not the First

Of all the letters, W certainly isn't the most popular of letters. Definitely not one that senior citizens and blond collegiates instantly shout out while watching Wheel of Fortune.

Yet, I must admit, the letter W is a strikingly attractive looking letter. It has far more character than some of those boring letters, like 'C' or 'O.'

After writing some well-commented post on the topic of Oliver Stone's movie upcoming presidential film "W," I've realized that I haven't noticed any comment on the other "W" titled films that show up one a search of

Oliver Stone's film is distinguishable from the other W-titled films in three ways.

Oliver Stone's W-film:

1. Has actual celebrities in it
2. People will actually see it
3. Oliver Stone & Company have place a period following the W so that the title looks like this: "W."

Previous W-titled pictures include.

W (1974) which to received a title modification when USA-television aired it, calling it "W is the Mark of Death." This film apparently is a suspense thriller staring Eugene Roche as a detective.

W (2003) appears to be a little seen edgy french film that involves a man who "accidentally" falls in love with a transvestite bartender.

W (1983) is a five minute short from Finland, and W (2004) is a 37 minute short from Finland.

The first 4 "W" films seem like definite passers. Will the period at the end and the cast be enough to distinguish this fifth W-film?


Glenn said...

I always like single-letter titles for whatever reason, be it Z or O or M or W. There's something to... intriguing about it. Like, wow, how gutsy to just name your movie with one single letter from the alphabet, what are they not telling us?

James (SeattleDad) said...

Elizibeth Banks as Laura Bush? What is wrong with this picture? Maybe this film should be titled (W)TF?