Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Suggested Casting for W. Movie - My Wife as First Daughter Jenna Bush

Dear Oliver Stone and Casting Director of W.:

My wife is interested in playing the role of Jenna Bush in your upcoming film. E-mail me if you are interested in coordinating schedules and contracts for filming.

Sincerely, RC of StrangeCulture

Tonight my wife curiously asked if anyone has yet to be cast to play Jenna Bush in Oliver Stone's upcoming film W. about George W. Bush.

After posting casting announcements for Laura Bush, Condelezza Rice, Colin Powell, and George H.W. and Barbara Bush, my wife Kim suddenly became increasingly interested in this project (as many readers seemed to as well as they saw the actors included in this project).

Occasionally my wife, Kim, has mentioned that she has been questioned (often at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport) if she is Jenna Bush. I found this particularly amusing during the time period where Jenna was stirring up tabloid press.

In someways I can see the similarities, in other way I cannot. My wife is beautiful, and if they can upgrade Condelezza Rice to Thandie Newton, Laura Bush to Elizabeth Banks, and Barbara Bush to Ellen Burstyn, than I say, my wife should certainly be considered in the Jenna Bush upgrade.


Out Of Jersey said...

The resemblance is uncanny.

AK said...

I agree completely.

Oliver Stone, if you are out there, this would be a wise choice.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a minute, which one is your wife?


Grete said...

That's crazy! I never would've thought to make that connection, but I can kinda see it!

Emily said...

I see it, she would be a dazzling upgrade! plus she has the personality that would make you think that she might actually be the President's daughter!

b13 said...

HAHAHA! I just KNEW she looked familiar!

Fox said...

This is cute and hilarious!

I also like that you took the time to find similar poses.

And yes, she does look like Jenna. It should be a compliment too, b/c unlike the others being cast, Jenna is actually good looking.

Kevin said...

who would you cast to play you in a movie RC?

Glenn Dunks said...

Aww, you wife is so pretty.

John Wesley Leek said...

Your wife is far more attractive. ;)

Good luck!