Wednesday, May 07, 2008

GTA IV: Biggest Media Opening? - Yes Indeed

Last month I mentioned that Grand Theft Auto IV might have the biggest media sales ever, with an anticipated $400 million in sales in the first week.

Well the early numbers are in, and after the first week, Grand Theft Auto IV earned more than $500 million in sales in it's first week. Opening day (April 29th) the title alone brought in $310 million (Halo 3 did $300 million it's first week last fall).

I personally am not involved in video-game world, but I think many people would be naive not to be aware of the profound success and popularity of the video game industry. This is bigger than Tecmo Bowl and Donkey Kong. And honestly, I think being culturally aware and curious of the influence of the effect of video games and their popularity is something worth being aware of and thinking about.


Ando said...

Nothing is bigger than Tecmo Bowl!

elgringo said...

Tecmo Bowl! Yeah!

I'm not the biggest GTA fan (I prefer "The Godfather" game adaptation) but to think that this did more than Halo is crazy. You'd think that with the age-limit restrictions, sales might have not been quite as high. It's crazy to think how many little kids will be killing virtual prostitutes tonight.