Friday, June 13, 2008

Dads in Media Blog-a-thon

Welcome to the Dads in Media Blog-a-thon. (Previously announced here)

Over the next four days I encourage you to participate in the blog-a-thon celebrating the centennial of Father's Day, Fatherhood, and Media through your participation.

Here's how to participate.

I encourage anyone and everyone to write a post on anything relating to the topic of Dads in Media. This could be Father roles in Film, Music, Television, Literature, Art, Comics, or anything in between. Talk about one father in particular, talk about a career, a time period, or a concept. The field's wide open. Upon posting e-mail me or let me know in the comments so I can include it in the collection of post found her on StrangeCulture.

Read the post that are in this collection. The role and purpose of this blog-a-thon is diverse. Part of it's reflection, part of it's honoring, part of its thinking. Parenthood and fatherhood is one of the earliest institutions of all time. What is our culture and media saying about it.

As you read over the post, I encourage you to comment, interact, and dialogue about what others are saying. Let this post be the hub of the conversation, not the end.

Tell Others
Tell others in your real life and in your virtual life about this blog-a-thon. The more participants the broader the conversation.

So with this in mind and as post begin to role in over the next couple days...I present the first contributions. I look forward to seeing your thoughts, reflections, and creative juices at work.

Thursday's Links

  • RC: A Fictional Father to Admire: Atticus Finch
  • Crackers and Cheese: No Matter What Kind of Pickle: Mac MacGuff from Juno
  • Jose: Father, Interrupted
  • Divers and Sundry: Life is Beautiful

Friday's Links

  • Scott Roche: Dad's In Media - DIM?
  • Kestor Smith: The "Good TV Dads" Are Really Buffoons
  • RC: Jack Bauer: an All-American Hero, NOT an All-American Dad

Saturday's Links

  • Carl: 50s and 60s TV Dads vs Today's Dan Conner & Dr. Perry Cox
  • Burbanked: Seven movie characters who might have benefited from things my dad likes to say.
  • Adam: Dad's in Media: Indiana Jones
  • Chris: TV Dads: Ward Cleaver and Dr. Huxtable
  • gee bobg: There Is No End Zone

Sunday's Links


jasdye said...

hey, great idea, RC.

have been slowly making my way through the list.

Glenn said...

Still sad I couldn't participate, but I remembered too late and I was away all weekend long. Reading the pieces though is fascinating.

elgringo said...

I, too, am late to the party. But here's link to my post about the greatest 80s movie dad: 2008/06/say-anything-dads-in-media-blog-thon.html

elgringo said...

Thanks a lot for the late add!

rc helicopter said...

Interesting article and great idea.