Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Baby Name Story

So, a couple weeks ago, I was buying some boxes for an move we made last week (previously mentioned in part of this blog).

And the lady found out that my wife and I had recently had a new baby girl, and she liked the name we had chosen (Linden).

She said her daughter was having a baby in October and had settled on a name, but this grandma-to-be wasn't sure what she thought of the name.

I ask her..."What name is she considering?"

The mother replied, "They're going to name their daughter, Sienna. It's a little different, and I'm worried about whether this will be a name she will enjoy not just as a baby but as an adult. Plus, it's so uncommon."

My response was, "That's a nice name, it's not completely uncommon, there's the actress Sienna Miller."

The grandma smiled and said, "That's the other problem, my daughters last name is Miller."


Anonymous said...

Maybe Sienna Miller will be old by the time this little girl is old enough to be teased and her classmates won't know who the actress is... So many things to think about when you're giving a kid their name!

Loren Eaton said...

Just think about what Rob Morrow named his daughter -- Tu Simone Ayer Morrow.

I think that should be criminal.

Out Of Jersey said...

I had a sub in school named Dick Picker, and a customer at a library named Oliver Twist.

Leslie said...

There was a kid in one of the classes I was a sub in. His first name is McGyver. As in Richard Dean Anderson, 1980s, McGyver. The poor kid was actually surprised when I pronounced his name right when calling out attendence. I really wanted to hand the kid a rubber band, duct tape, and a pen and see what he could create.

Daniel said...

Grandma sure seems to know her actresses.