Friday, July 18, 2008

Joining a Group Means Getting Their Mail

I recently received a gift from my wife this month, a firearm. I've always wanted one since I joined the Army back in 1997. It was there I learned to shoot a rifle, but going to the range is a pain in the butt. It involved wearing gear, being on ammo detail, and getting yelled at to walk faster. I wanted my own weapon to take to a range where I didn't have to pick up every single piece of brass and still make loud noises while shooting at silhouettes of bad guys.`

The next two steps to owning a firearm in the "Great" State of Texas are getting a concealed handgun license and joining the NRA. I haven't acquired my CHL, but I did join the NRA at a discount. At times, I like their rabid defense of the second amendment (which can get silly at times but someone has to do it), I have a soft spot in my heart for Charton Heston after Bowling for Columbine, and I want an NRA sticker for my front door.

What I didn't expect was the official NRA membership packet when I returned. They sent me a generic leatherman/gerber that was made in china; a plethora of ads asking me to start a bank account, get life insurance, rent a car, buy some NRA swag; my official NRA membership card; and my valuable NRA sticker which is stuck proudly to my door warding off all potential criminals. They don't need to know that I keep my gun locked in its case without any ammo in the house. The sticker doesn't say that.

I'm now expecting to get a ton of mail from the NRA. Plus junk mail is so 1987! I really just wanted to join for a year to say I'd been a member. Wayne LaPiere doesn't really need my money. I guess I deserve their annoying mail. I imagine if I joined AARP at 30, I'd get the same sort of membership package. I know for a fact the DNC and the RNC have the same sort of welcome packages. I've given money to each party under the name of someone who made me mad. I wanted them to get DNC/RNC mail for the next ten years of their lives. That's a whole other post.

Yea, I'm crying because a group I joined is sending me mail. I just draw the line at sending me an ad that promotes the NRA Wine Club. Leave all jokes about drinking, firearms and the second amendment in the comments. Remember, this is a family blog.

Mean People Beware!!! I have a sticker!!!

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Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill people, stickers do. ;-)