Monday, September 01, 2008

Juneau & Juno

This Palin story just gets a little more interesting everyday, does it not?

It'll be interesting to see what makes the history books when it comes to the election of 2008. One thing is for certain is that our children will at least have a couple multiple choice questions on their American history finals that relates to this interesting election.

Piper mentioned last year that the film Juno would do to Teen Pregnancy what Pretty Woman did to prostitution. And after watching Juno last year I pondered myself, what effects Ellen Page's remarkable acting job would do to the world of teen pregnancy...could something traditionally viewed negatively be glamorized with limited emotion?

It'll certainly be interesting to see how suddenly Sarah Palin (a woman who I knew nothing about a week ago) suddenly fills the breaking news world as her daughter is pregnant out of wedlock (but with future wedlock plans).

Hopefully the media and blogosophere will respect Bristol and the rest of the Palin family on this matter...but who are we kidding? When has politicians (or the blogosphere) played nice?

Also, who is this Paulie Bleeker? Could we have another celebrity rise up this week? And if Palin goes to Washington is Paulie Bleeker going too?

Even though Ellen Page's Juno insist that her name IS NOT like the city in Alaska, maybe in this sequel it really is Juneau, Alaska.

All kidding aside, it'll be interesting to see not only how this family "reality show" plays out on the public stage, but it'll be interesting (although as previously mentioned, unfortunate in some cases) to see how public attitudes (liberal and conservative) respond to this issue, as a true barometer of our times.

(sidenote: if they do make a Sarah Palin movie, I think Allison Janney would be an excellent actress for the role)


nate said...

Clever post!
As a guy who made the baby before the vows, I understand that a mistake is a mistake, and that is all...not a public spectacle. And besides...who doesn't have premarital sex these days? Not that I applaud such behavior.

kat said...

Clever Juno/Juneau.

I suspect the story gets more traction because of Palin's well document preference for teaching kids abstinence only education. From that, it's not difficult to predict having to shot gun marry her daughter to the baby daddy well before anyone is old enough to take such a bond seriously.

Sucks for the daughter to be in the spotlight, though.

kat said...

And for the movie, I'm thinking Geena Davis as Sarah Palin.

crackers and cheese said...

Yes, this pregnancy doesn't bode well for abstinence only education. If Palin's daughter had been abstaining or using contraception, then she wouldn't be pregnant, and there wouldn't be this controversial news item. However, it does, along with Palin's decision to birth her child with Down Syndrom, speak for her pro-life stance, to support young mothers even when they make mistakes.

I find that both candidates courtship/marriage stories are great television material. John and Cindy have a rather scandalous Desperate Housewives meets Army Wives plotline, them both lying about their ages, beginning an affair, a quick divorce and remarriage, whereas Sarah and Todd have a more sit-comical story of eloping, not realizing they needed witnesses, and finding witnesses from some sort of nursing home! Man, you can't make up stuff this good!

PIPER said...

Obama has said that family is off limits. We will see how they will skirt that statement.


What you do with your life is your business and I respect that. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was the best thing to happen to you. But like you said, it wasn't a public spectacle. Juno made it a public spectacle. Made it cute. Made it without all the baggage that gets attached to such a thing.

I am also disgusted by the headlines preparing me for Jamie Lynn Spears birth and what outfits she is picking out. Why should I care about these things? Why should they be news-worthy? They are saying "it's okay" with every article they publish.

I don't know, I'm not so old as to be called an old-fart on these things and I'm certainly not a pessimist, but it's stuff like this that makes me think we've lost touch and some good taste along the way.

Kevin Pierce said...


NEWSWIRE--The 17-year-old daughter of vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin is five months pregnant. She plans to have the baby and marry the father.

Juno made its film debut
About an unwed teenage mother.
Alaska has a Juneau, too.
As well as one of the other.
Light verse, ripped from the headlines

Unknown said...

I am a 13yr old teen mum of 1 and 2/3 (I have a 1yr old daughter and am 6 mo pregnant.) I don't really care what other people think.