Monday, September 01, 2008

The Conventions, Palin & A Reality TV Thought

Like many people the speculation over Obama & McCain's running mates was clearly interesting, especially in such a unique campaign with two very unique presidential possibilities.

The Biden decision by Obama was not surprising, it made sense, and although it weakened some of the arguments by their party that McCain was too old to lead, it also was very defensive about the arguments that Obama was too inexperienced. Of course, if Obama is claiming to be a centrist breaking away from the old guard, the choice of Joe Biden certainly does not reinforce that position.

The exciting spectacle of the Obama campaign, including it's Michelle Obama introduction to the campaign and the huge monumental populist presentation of Barack Obama at Invesco Field at Mile High really ended their convention with a bang that certainly seems unrivalable, as far as a political party convention is concerned.

Yet Friday's announcement of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate has certainly reinvigorated the campaign of McCain, and given the first glimpse of hope at an interesting Republican National Convention.

When I first heard the news from a staunch-Obama-lover Friday morning his statement was "McCain has just handed this campaign over to Obama on a silver platter."

And yet, as I traveled out to "the heartland" this past weekend to spend some time with my wife's family I had the chance to hear a very positive stir of comments about Palin from conservatives in "the heartland" and all across the AM dial. It certainly seems like traditional and on the fence Republicans are excited about the relatively unknown Sarah Palin the more they get to know about her.

I got to say, I'm interested to see Sarah Palin speak at the convention, and I know that that vice presidential debate later this fall between Joe and Sarah is certainly going to be entertaining political TV for sure. Biden certainly has the bite to make Sarah look silly, but Sarah definitely could snap-back with Momness that would make Biden look like a grumpy old man.

Reality TV

When I watch the montages during the Democratic National Convention of Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, I felt like some of the style and editing techniques are reminiscent of reality TV snipets, or Oprah show introductions.

And in the same way upon the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate in this upcoming election everyone is saying "who's she?" "huh?" "Alaska?" But by Friday evening and into the weekend people are talk about her five kids, her husband Todd, Palin's stance on drilling and Polar Bear extinctions, etc. Suddenly we know about Sarah and her four month daughter Willow, and her husbands various jobs.

Do you think that Reality TV has acultured us to the excitement of meeting new people in a media oriented forum. Whether you have ever watched Survivor, Big Brother, the Real World, Joe Millionaire, the Apprentice, the Bachelor, or Little People Big World, you have invited strangers into your home via the TV and gotten to know their lives, personalities, families and past and present woes.

In many ways Sarah Palin and her family seem like primo TLC material. If you've ever watched any John and Kate Plus Eight, you can see how people (women) are fascinated with watching how unique families operate and how they face current challenges with creativity, strength, and courage.

Is not Sarah Palin this person? Even if she was never invited to be a vice presidential candidate, can you think of a handful of people who would would love to watch Sarah and Todd plus Five? Or maybe the show would be called the The Alaska 7?

In this current election, sometimes reality has been more interesting than fiction. It'll be interested to see what the next months ahead have in store.

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Russah said...

Haha...Palin definitely has that "mom" attitude...and she sort of tore Obama a new one. I think she just made McCain's campaign a heckuvalot stronger. Plus, she is a great public speaker (something America has been deprived of for 8 years). I really am looking forward to that VP shootout.