Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rory Gilmore and Barack Obama

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the final episode of Gilmore Girls...chances are that really shouldn't spoil anything, because either you've seen or you never plan on in that case, I feel to give no more on.

In the final episode of Girlmore Girls, Season 7, Episode 22. Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) leaves not only leaves her home, Stars Hollow...but the entire north east part of the country to begin a new journalism career.

Forgoing a traditional print journalism career Rory Gilmore in the May 15th, 2007 episode, takes her Yale Journalism degree to write for an online magazine where she will be following Barack Obama.

Yes, fictional Rory Gilmore leaves Stars Hollow in May 2007 to follow non-fictional Barack Obama...a White house hopeful, who was still a long ways off from getting the democratic nomination.

So...while Alexis Bledel is the real person, and Rory Gilmore is the fake person, I like to pretend the Rory is real, and I ignore Alexis and her traveling pants and other less-impressive filmography.

Yet instead, I like to pretend that Rory is real, and she is traveling in buses across America, as early as May 2007, the same month that secret service began protecting Obama, the earliest of any presidental hopeful...yes, Gilmore was on the campaign trail even before the "Obama Girl" You Tube video came out.

So as Obama is in North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and everywhere in between...I imagine that Rory is there too.

And I think that after November 4th, 2008, once this very long tedious election is over, I will have a looming question in my mind...I will wonder...

Where is Rory now?

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Anonymous said...

Grete was just talking about this the other day...

Kimberly Ann said...

The writers had a lot of forsight to put Rory on the election trail with Obama...The question is, who would Rory & Lorali vote for??? I think some good Gilmore banter about "Decision 2008" would bring some much needed humor to this ridiclous election.

Dad said...

Lorali would say that she is voting for Obama, but would accidentally reveal that she plans to vote for McCain because he reminds her of Old Man Ferny and she always had a thing for Old Man Ferny. Then she would reveal that it doesn't matter anyway because she isn't registered. This would drive Luke crazy. Kirk would overhear and point out that he has sold products to Cindy McCain on several occasions. News that Lorali wasn't registered would slowly spread until there was a town meeting where everyone would put pressure on Lorali until she relents and fills out a registration card.

Feeling a new sense of responsibility Lorali would begin obsessively researching the minutiae of each candidate and ultimately make her decision based on each candidates taste in film and music.

From there, I'm not sure where it would go...

RC said...

@ bennett, you definitly could be a writer for the show...i can picture it all!

Grete said...

I was going to say, "I was totally talking to Jon about this recently!" But then I saw that Jon already commented about that... So instead I'll say that those GG writers were smart cookies - Rory has been busy for quite awhile now!! I keep wishing there will be a follow-up episode after the election is over and Rory's job will change one way or the other... :)

Anonymous said...

and now she's celebrating!!!

Anonymous said...

It's exciting that we get to find out soon!