Saturday, November 08, 2008

How Badly Do They Want To Nominate Robert Downey Jr? Enough for a Tropic Thunder Nod?

With a weaker film year there has been more and more discussions and buzz for not just a nod for Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight, but also nominations for director Christopher Nolan, and Best Picture.

It is within that unconventional nominations that as soon as the Soloist was no longer a 2008 released film, Downey who had been previously short listed regularly for an acting nod still remained on people's list.

Maybe they know they can't push Downey as supporting actor for Iron Man, and that the lead catagory is too full...but it seems like people want to give Downey an Oscar nomination so badly, to follow up his nod 15 years ago in the film Chaplin.

So...why not for playing the semi-controversial role as a black soldier in the edgy comedy Tropic Thunder?

Yep...that seems like a huge possiblity...Downey Jr. with an Oscar nod for Tropic Thunder in the supporting actor catagory.

At this point in the game, I'd hardly change my June Early Best Support Actor Thoughts which listed nominees predictions for Josh Brolin, Downey Jr., Heath Ledger, Demian Bichir, and Michael Sheen. I'm just surprised to imagine that a Downey Jr nod might be for Tropic Thunder not the more prestigious film The Soloist, that must be pretty crummy to have been moved to Spring 2009.


Missy said...

He's good in both films but he probably has a better shot with Tropic Thunder.

elgringo said...

I really doubt he gets nominated for either role. Watched Tropic Thunder again last night. I liked it but no one who had anything to do with that move deserves a nod of any kind.

Missy said...

If "The Soloist" didn't get pushed to 09 he might of got a nod for it.

Michael Parsons said...

Who can say?