Friday, December 26, 2008

10 Songs I've Been Diggin'

In my last post 10 Songs Post, a handful of people identified the picture of Regina Spector (congrats Grete, JD, Simply Victoria & El Gringo).

My guess is that no one will guess this goofy looking guy posted above. He reserves the #1 song on my top 10 list this go-around.

10. Bend and Break, Keane
9. Pot Kettle Black, Wilco
8. Light Don't Shine, Gregory Douglass
7. Junk Bond Trade, Elliot Smith
6. One Chance, Modest Mouse
5. Tis So Sweet, Jadon Lavik
4. Strawberry Swing, Coldplay
3. Who Is This God, Alli Rogers
2. The Kids Don't Stand A Chance, Vampire Weekend
1. Secret of the Easy Yoke, Justin McRoberts

Other top 10 song list...Dec 2, Nov 19, Oct 16, Sept 17, & Sept 3.

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Megan said...

I do not know him. I am off to find out.