Sunday, January 04, 2009

Casting Directors - Think Anne Dudek

Thinking about supporting actresses -- there's an actress that I'd like to see more of...Anne Dudek. I want her to have a chance to be cast in some prime supporting roles...not in weird chick flicks where Diane Keaton has 4 grown up daughters, but in a quality supporting role.

Anne Dudek played a very important role is Season 4 of House M.D. as Amber, a potential doctor for Dr. House's fellowship, who very manipulative, and yet, when Amber did not get the fellowship, her character "lived on" (shortly) as Wilson's girlfriend, in a role that was still the same character, but showed a new depth to the character and showed Anne Dudek great acting ability.

Hard to believe the this same Anne Dudek is the character who plays the gossip-loving friend and neighbor to January Jones' character on the hit show Mad Men.

The fact that Dudek can play these two very diverse roles with exceptional skill makes me want to see more. I am not asking that Anne's Mad Men role be expanded...the character of Francine Hanson is probably just the right size in the complex and intriguing world of Madmen.

Yet...I want to see more Anne Dudek. I hope her great performances in these two television shows can help open up some more great and complex roles..not just TV guest spots. Casting directors, consider Anne.


Suldog said...

She was magnificent as Amber. I actually would have liked to have seen the character explored a bit more deeply, but she's dead now, so... Obviously, something of a female "House" (which brings into play all sorts of juicy psychological aspects concerning Wilson) and would have been fun seeing her play off of Hugh Laurie more. They were excellent together.

MM said...

Also, Alby's wife on 'Big Love.' She's very good. She reminds me of the chick who plays Chloe on 24, only with more facial expressions.