Monday, March 16, 2009

The Magic of The Internet: St Patrick's Day, Lucky Charms, Breakfast, Obama

So I was going to do a post on St. Patrick's Day and how Jerry Bruckheimer, in his lack of creativity, should follow The Sorcerer's Apprentice with a feature length film version of a "Lucky Charms" Cereal commercial.

I was imaging what the movie could be about and discovered the character Waldo the Wizard (pictured left), who was introduced in 1975 to replace Lucky the Leprechaun. Well Waldo the Wizard didn't last for long and Lucky the Leprechaun (a.k.a. Sir Charms, and L.C. Leprechaun) returned and is still around today and kicking.

Interesting fact, did you know that the cereal apparently was originally intended to combine the flavor of Cheerios with Brach's Circus Peanuts. Now that's disgusting!

Anyways, I can picture the Jerry Bruckheimer movie now with the wizard take-over but the mischievous leprechaun finding all the charms before the wizard and taking him over. Hearts! Moons! Stars! Clovers!

But the Internet is a crazy thing. You really never know what you're going to find. Somehow in the process of my lucky charms movie creation, president Barack Obama suddenly comes.

Now, I think Obama would be partial to other cereals before lucky charms, no matter how magically delicious the cereal is, but that's really not the point.

I found this bizarre piece of artwork called "Breakfast of Champions" by Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev.

You will notice, and I encourage you to expand the photo...but Obama's image is made up of breakfast cereals, largely sugary kids cereals like Lucky Charms. The description of the art can be found incidentally on the website Cereal Art.
Where the world be without the Internet...or a picture of Obama made out of cereal?


Loren Eaton said...

What about the naked-Obama-unicorn painting. SFW, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that Waldo the Wizard didn't stick around - he looks kind of creepy.