Thursday, April 16, 2009

Martin Scorsese Directing Best Actor and Actress Winners?

Not to long ago, StrangeCulture featured a discussion on how Steven Spielberg has never directed one of his performers to an Oscar nomination.

The situation is different for Martin Scorsese. He has lead 20 actors to get nominated, and of those 5 have gone on to win Oscar...twenty-five percent, certainly not bad.

Not only that, even though I consider Martin Scorsese a director who has male-dominated cast, he has so far exactly 10 acting nominations for men, 10 acting nominations for women.

I keep all of this in mind for thinking about what we might expect from Scorsese's 2009 film Shutter Island based Dennis Lehane's novel.

Obviously often the possibility for a nomination can come from how heavy the competition is, and general perception of recent performances, and not just the role itself, but I thought I would rank the likely of Oscar nominations from Shutter Island based on the role and the actor portraying the character. Obviously, I have not yet seen the film

Shutter Island Performances: Ordered Likeliness of Nominations

1. Leonardo DiCaprio, Lead Actor, Teddy Daniels
2. Michelle Williams, Supporting Actress, Dolores Chanal
3. Mark Ruffalo, Supporting Actor, Chuck Aule
4. Ben Kingsley, Supporting Actor, Dr. John Cawley
5. Jackie Earle Haley, Supporting Actor, George Noyce

Scorsese Oscar Winners and Nominees

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Lead Actress - Ellen Burstyn (won)
Supporting Actress - Diane Ladd (nomination)

Taxi Drive
Supporting Actress - Jodie Foster (nomination)
Lead Actor - Robert De Niro (nomination)

Raging Bull
Lead Actor - Robert De Niro (won)
Supporting Actress - Cathy Moriarty (nomination)
Supporting Actor - Joe Pesci (nomination)

The Color of Money
Lead Actor - Paul Newman (won)
Supporting Actress - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (nomination)

Supporting Actor - Joe Pesci (won)
Supporting Actress - Lorraine Bracco (nomination)

Cape Fear
Lead Actor - Robert De Niro (nomination)
Supporting Actress - Juliette Lewis (nomination)

The Age of Innocence
Supporting Actress - Winona Rider (nomination)

Lead Actress - Sharon Stone (nomination)

Gangs of New York
Lead Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis (nomination)

Supporting Actress - Cate Blanchett (won)
Lead Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio (nomination)
Supporting Actor - Alan Alda (nomination)

The Departed
Supporting Actor - Mark Whalberg (nomination)


dorian said...

Ooops...I guess you forgot "Gangs of New York". Daniel Day-Lewis was nominated for an Oscar for his role in GONY (can't remember which category right now).

RC said...

@ dorian, gangs of new york is listed...lewis was nominated in the lead catagory for bill the butcher...what an over the top perforamnce that defined that film!

I have hard time knowing what to think of Gangs of New York...there is certainly a quality to that allowed it get 10 nominations, but a "not quite perfect" part of it that meant it didn't win a single award.

I think it has something to do with it being violent and over the top for me. But sometimes that defines a Scorsese picture.

Anonymous said...

And maybe next year he have four possible contenders for "silence":

*Benicio Del Toro
*Daniel Day-Lewis
*Gael Garcia Bernal (He deserves so much this Oscar Nomination)
*Any actor who played Kichijiro (I know this sounds a little bit crazy, but I would love to be Tony Leung Chiu-wai in it - If Gong Li did it Why not him?)

RC said...

@ anon, at this rate I wonder if Bernal will ever get a nod, I feel like his roles are all starting to look the same. His oportunity might have passed. If only he had been nominated for Amores Perros or Motorcycle Diaries.