Friday, May 22, 2009

What Movies Do Christians Want? Part VIII - Movies about Teens Having Babies

In this series we head into one of our final post about "What Movies Do Christians Want?" a multi part series.

Christian's embrace a wide variety of films, and our excited when "main stream" films embrace "Christian"/moral themes.

One of the biggest examples of this (but not limited to this), is when a mainstream movie seems to endorse a "Right to Life message."

Typically, this would be a film when an unwed woman (or unhappily married woman) gets pregnant, and despite the hardships that might be associated with having the baby, she decides to carry it to term.

In most recent times there are three examples of this that come to mind, all of which I have heard and seen Christians embrace. Those films are: Juno, Bella, and Waitress.

It's interesting because you don't hear Christian's complaining about the fact that these characters are not making wise Christian choices in other areas of their lives, but because the Hollywood message is typically considered liberal to see movies present "positive conservative values" is something that I believe only increase box office draw for these films.

For an interesting read, look at Plugged-in Online, a division of Focus on the Family discusses the movie Juno.

Christian audiences are looking for films that support there agenda, and while all Christians are not conservative-George-Bush-loving-party-voting-Republicans, many conservative goals are excluded from the film forefront, and when a film explores these issues in a unique and interesting ways a different audience might embrace something independent and different from your typical "Christian film."

Note: For some reason, I felt like every phrase in the post needed quotes. So many generalities, about so many different types of people. Chime in...what do you think about these films? How about the way Christians have embraced them, is this founded? Do you think the studios had this in mind? Can you think of other films like these?

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brian said...

what's the one nightmare on elm street about abortion? the 3 one? or the 4th?
i wonder if christians like that one. i mean, it is the most pro-life movie i've ever seen.