Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 Oscar Best Picture Predictions -- Now With 10

A week ago, Up would not be considered a strong contender for a best picture nomination - yet, now that there is 10 films that will be nominated for a best picture, at this point I would say Up in the only sure thing. Funny how things work.

A week ago my predictions for Best Picture nominations would have been...Invictus (formerly The Human Factor), Nine, Amelia, Bright Star, and Shutter Island.

Those five remains, but my new prediction for best picture now must contain 10 here's my new list...and the addition to 10 means some "small potentials" like Up and Precious seem very likely.

1. Invictus
2. Nine
3. Up
4. Precious
10. Avatar

The next 10 on the fringe, with new opportunity thanks to the 10 best picture nominee change...

11. Greenzone, 12. The Informant, 13. The Road, 14. The Hurt Locker, 15. An Education, 16. Biutiful, 17. Broken Embraces, 18. Brothers, 19. The White Ribbon, 20. A Serious Man


crackers and cheese said...

Is the best animated feature length film category going away now that there will be 10 best pictures nominees?

RC said...

@ crackers and cheese --- i don't think it's going away, although I kind of wish it would.