Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arrested Development & Fatherhood Comedy

Arrested Development is a hillarious television comedy, and really is must see television. If you haven't watched the three season series, do so immediatly.

Arrested Development is a comedy about family, and while it touches on many relationships, like mother-son, mother-daughter, grandfather-grandson, brother-brother, and cousin-cousin.

But off all the family relationships the one front and center is father-son.

The father-son relationship is featured prominently in this comedy, as it is in many television sitcoms. Comedy is usually most successful when it touches on something real and relatable.

It's unfortunate in someways that the father-child relationship is such a ballpark for comedy.

When I go "father's day card shopping" there are so many cards that deal with "apology for not being a good son" or "I forgive you for being a bad dad," or "I wish we were closer," and so forth.

Father relationships in our current society are mediocre.

And this can only be confirmed by comedy and how father-child comedy is so funny.

I'm thankful for having a good dad, who while comical in his own way, is very supportive and loving and far more of a Michael Bluth that a Goerge Sr, Tobias, or Gob.

But while my dad is the dependable Michael Bluth type of dad. I know people have George Sr dad's who manipulate their kids and use them for their own means, or Gob dad's who avoid there kids and are univovled, or even Tobias F√ľnke dad's who are so out of touch and self-involved that they can't begin to know their child.

I hope Father's day is a good day for you, and a pleasant opportunity to enjoy your dad. I'm thankful for my first Father's day, and an opportunity to be a dad that is worthy of the title.

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Fox said...

Nice post RC.

And wow. It was crazy seeing that young(er) Michael Cera in that pic.

Anonymous said...

You would shop for father's day cards :)