Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Second Madea: Diary of a Mad Black

The in-laws apologetic after Madea Goes to Jail encourages us to watch Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Suggesting that they enjoyed this Madea much more, and they had previously not seen Madea Goes to Jail.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman is interesting, Kimberly Elise's character, Helen, is actually the mad black woman in this film, not Tyler Perry's Madea.

In fact, Madea, while having an important role in the film and bringing a unique comedic twist is not nearly as central in this film as she was in Madea Goes to Jail.

Again, this film deals with serious issues, especially in African American culture, while mixing in some humor through the Madea character (as well as Madea's brother Joe).

To be honest, as "the most popular Madea" movie, I think I actually enjoyed Madea Goes to Jail more. I say this with caution and aprehension. The fact of the matter is Madea is what makes these films enjoyable - the stories and acting leave something to be desired, and since Madea Goes to Jail has more Madea it was slightly more enjoyable to me.

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