Thursday, June 25, 2009

When I think of Michael Jackson...

I can't help but contrast the startled reaction of Michael Jackson's death with that of Heath Ledger.
When Heath Ledger died there was a sorrow and surprise, that was only tainted by the thoughts of suicide, and actions taken out of person self-loathing.

Yet, it was in the spirit of this sorrow, and respect that Heath Ledger's death intrigued America as they wanted to remember the life of this 29 year old actor.

Michael Jackson's death today, at the age of 50 was met with a different response. The life of "the king of Pop" is filled with so many unique side-stories, like his lack of childhood with the Jackson 5, his rise to fame, his family, Diana Ross, and enough random tidbits to fill up biographies, television specials, tabloids, and art collections.

So when I was at work and news came out, there was instantly mixed feelings of "who cares," saddness, and intrigue, and even happiness with a air of "Jackson deserved to die."

I imagine the next days will be filled with tributes, bitter griping of the attention given to Jackson, and many magazine covers, news specials, and video clips.

With that, I present the first 5 thoughts that come into my mind when I think of Michael Jackson...perhaps you will share your first thoughts as well.

1. Michael Jackson's 1993 Superbowl Performance - It Doesn't Matter if You're Black or White

2. Thriller Music Video

Michael Jackson's alleged inappropriate relations at the Neverland Ranch

The images of Michael Jackson hold "Blanket" over the ledge to paparazzi

ABC by the Jackson 5

What are your first thoughts when you think of Michael Jackson?


Anonymous said...

RIP Michael - your songs have a special place in my heart. As a side note, when RC and I first got married I had my Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits CD playing and he asked me to turn off my Gloria Estefan...hum.....

My top five are...

* The Thriller Video

* His song Billy Jean & its music video

* The duet/music video he did with his sister, Jane...I think it was called 'Scream.'

* 'Will You Be There' from Free Willy

* An interview in the late 1990s he did regarding his skin pigment change

Loren Eaton said...

Sadness. MJ simply makes me feel sad.

Anonymous said...

* I think of him trying to convence Martin Bashir to climb in the tree with him
*In the same interview admitting he slept with boys in his bed, but thinking it was totally innocent
*The Pepsi commercial he did in the 80's was really cool. Almost got me to drink Pepsi
*Thriller music video
*The Weird Al parody of "Bad"

RC said...

@adam s. today i thought of the weird al paradoy of bad as well.

that Bashir interview was the most bizarre tv watching experience for sure!

@ehome -- totally forgot about the free willie song.

Magnus said...

A pedophile who got away with it. Sorry, but that is what I think. RIP Farrah Fawcett, what a horrible way to die. What a horrible decade she must have been living through.