Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Last Airbender & My Wife

"That said, for some reason I want to give M.Night the benefit of the dobut (sic). I'm sure we will see The Last Airbender...and I'm sure I will have high hopes..." - ehome comment on The New M. Night Shyamalan: Can The Last Airbender Save Him?

So, when I did a post about M. Night Shymalan and his film version of the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, my wife (ehome) commented that she was interested in this film.

Now, this surprised me, partially because I didn't even know if I was interested in this film, and I knew it was a popular cartoon that some people might argue "is better than you'd expect." (Always a scary warning).

So I got a copy of the first disk of the first season from the library, with the hope of my wife and I giving it a shot.

First, she was so mad when she realized it was animation. She then went on to profess how she didn't like any animation, which I countered naming a few of her favorites.

Second, she did not like that it had an anime-style. The worst of worst animations in her book.

So I put it in the DVD player anyways, citing her blog comment posted above.

She protested by falling asleep three minutes in while I watched the first episode "The Boy in the Iceberg."

It was alright, but there are other things I'd prefer to watch, so one episode in, Aang and his waterbending friend went back at the library.

M. Night Shymalan's name might make her regain interest in this movie come 2010, but somehow I think the interest had wained since she the day she said she had hopes.


Eralel83 said...

OH NO! You should give it another chance. It is SO funny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping my typo (sic.)

Erin - I totally could not get in to this show. I just cannot get into anything remotely close to fantsey or sci-fi...I didn't even like Captain Planet for this reason, which is all I could think of with the wind, earth, fire, bit.

RC said...

@ ehome --- you're usually a much better speller - but "fantsey"?

Sorry ERay, you're going to have a hard sell with ehome.