Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live Action Barbie Film: The Truth About Why Barbie Left Ken For Blaine And Then Returned To Ken?

So it's not nearly as cool as say, a Lite-Brite movie, but Mattel and Universal Studios seem to think they want to enter the Hasbro/Paramount mindset with their own live-action toy based film (Hasbro/Paramount have recently worked together on GI Joe & Transformer films).

The film as reported by Variety is the first ever live-action Barbie film.

The Oscar nominated producer (As Good As It Gets, Jerry Maguire, Dreamgirls, Julie & Julia) is Laurence Mark, who will share production roles with Mattel executives.

This is an exciting biopic, just think Barbie turned 50 after she hit store shelves in March 1959. Surely film producers will want to deal with how Barbie is handling middle-age, maybe a mid-life crisis storyline.

Perhaps Barbie is passed the midlife crisis? She's ditched long time on-again off again relationship with Ken Carson, who was her boyfriend from since 1961, until of course, they broke up in 2004 and Barbie decided to go for Blaine instead (picture right). Yet, the Australia boy in Barbie's life left and Barbie reunited with Ken in 2006.
Of course, that was after Ken returned with a new look.

Barbie has also had a real hard time figuring out direction for her life from aerobics instructor to NASCAR driver, she has done it all, not to mention her career in each branch of the US Military, and a regular US presidential candidate.

And I can't wait to hear about casting. Sure, middle-aged barbie is probably out and finding some one with the right perportions might require some plastic surgery in the most literal sense. But with the thought of an onscreen pink explosion all I can think of is Reese Witherspoon's Legally Blond role.

So brace yourself - can you imagine what it will be like for the producers to read through all those scripts and story ideas. There are so many ways to go, and so many more ways to go wrong.


Note in my post about the 2007 GI Joe film Kimberly wrote "...i actually would like to see a movie based off of some popular toys that were geard towards little poney, barbie, or even wonder woman (i loved my wonder woman punching bag in 1985!)..." Nice call Kim!

Photo of 1959 Barbie is from the San Fransisco Sentinel, Blaine "photo" found here, Nascar Barbie found here.


Andrew K. said...

Okay, then. I'm not sure I want to see this. You're right, there are so many ways this could go wrong and right. Once they don't cast Hayden Paniterre [spelling] or someone akin, I'm fine.

Why not really cast an old pretty woman to show her in her middle aged. A sixty year old Barbie played by Julie Christie. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

How funny! I don't quite remember my comment...

Here's the deal with a Barbie movie topic, though...clearly the star (Barbie) is a favorite of young girls, but is Barbie's story line appropriate for that same age group? This ought to be interesting...

RC said...

@ andrew - just for the record --- no way do I think this can be good. But I think you're right --- you know Hayden hasn't to be on their shortlist. Or how about Miley Cyrus as Skipper!

@ ehome --- good thought - I guess it depends what the Barbie story line will be. More than Ken & Blaine drama, I honestly picture it will involve her friends -- I'm picturing Baby Sitter Club drenched in Pink.