Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Best Actor Predictions

As discussed previously, there are certainly some actors who could surprise us in the best actor race if there if there films found distributors in time.

For those films with distribution - here are my predictions for the best actor race at this point.

Of course, a lot could change since...well, it's only September, and the action hasn't even begun.

Here's my predictions presented in tiers.

Tier One - My Current Predicted 5

Tier Two - In My Mind Easy Contenders

Tier Three - Probably Not, But Who Knows

(pictured top to bottom: Matt Damon in The Informant, Peter Sargaard in An Eduction, Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker, and Clive Owen in The Boys Are Back)


Andrew K. said...

Brooklyn's Finest has been picked up for distribution? Didn't know that. At this moment I just want Ethan Hawke nominated for an Oscar...he doesn't have to win...yet. I just want him there and we'll take it from there.

PS. Peter Sarsgaard? Really? I mean I'd like if he gets nominated but me wanting it makes me think it won't happen.

belly up said...

Liked the insight! Way over my head but loved the writing, Go Horned Frogs!

RC said...

@ andrew - Brooklyn's finest was the first sundance film to sell ---and should be in theaters this december.

I think a Hawke nomination is totally possible if they like the film --- Fuqua has directed Hawke to his other acting nod for Training Day.

Sarsgaard --- part hope, part possibility, part why not. He's the first one to get the boot if some like Get Low bust on to the scene, but I think An Education is going to capture people and Sarsgaard has that under-the-radar sort of fandome that is consistent but never center stage - sure Carey Mulligan will get the attention, but this seems like an actors type of film that should score noms in the acting catag.

Danny King said...

So far I have only seen Sarsgaard in the supporting category, but who knows what the Academy will do? At this point, the predictions seem pretty solid. I don't know what kind of staying power Damon has, but he definitely deserves to be in consideration.

Michael Parsons said...

I actually think the race is pretty wide open, although I agree with Freeman and Damon. It seems men have a tough time getting a Best Actor nomination for a Musical of late (McGregor, Geere) but this is Day Lewis.

I also think Owen could do it plus the various surprises coming out of Toronto.

Daniel said...

How can you leave out Christophe Waltz in IB? Unless you consider it a Supporting Actor role, he has to be in the equation, if not the front-runner here.

RC said...

@ Daniel G - everything seems to suggest Waltz is going to be campaigned supporting.