Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anticipating - An Education

I've heard some buzz about the film An Education for awhile, and was hesitant to include in my list of "June predicting best picture nominees" and settled outside of the top 10 at #15.

But now that a trailer for this film has finally come out, I can definitely say two things.

(1) I'm very excited for this film.
(2) Especially with ten best picture nominees, I certainly think An Education will be honored as one of this years best.

Not only do I think this film has an excellent shot at best picture, the preview gives us a taste that some of these great performers could have a chance of there own Oscar nominations as well.

Carey Mulligen seems like she could become a new "it" actress and seems well positioned for an Oscar nomination herself. (I am also hoping she is great in Never Let Me Go, next year)

I continue to be amazed that Peter Sarsgaard has yet to receive a nomination, and maybe it's because his projects are not embraced as big Academy Award pictures, but his track record is consistently amazing (Shattered Glass, especially, but also Jarhead and Garden State come to mind)

Another favorite of mine Alfred Molina is also Oscar nomination-less and he deserves a shot at the gold. In the same way Heath Ledger impressed me as the Joker, Alfred Molina impressed me as Dr. Octavius in Spider-Man 2, not to mention a very diverse and extensive film career.

I'm rooting for Mulligan, Sarsgaard and Molina to all get their first Oscar nominations with An Education, and am very excited about this film, and it's prospects as part of the 2009 film season.