Friday, October 09, 2009

Awarding Peace

Today Barack Obama, the community organizer from Illinois won the Nobel Peace Prize. This high honor was a shock that was welcomed by some and despised and criticized by others in the United States and in the world.

Peace is not a popular topic.

Not because of lack of importance, or even lack of caring.

But it's so big. It's unmeasurable, and some how the line between peace and war is surprisingly thin.

And so when it comes to awarding one person or organization for "peace" well...what in the world does that even mean?

Obama has been president of the United States for less than a year, so how can you determine his overall peace contribution? Of course this is the debate. And I think most people will clearly argue this premature.

But what do you expect in less than a year as president? I kind of like to picture Obama waking up one day, dressing in a white robe with olive branches and started spreading fairy dust over the globe and said "peace to you" before spinning around in circles.

No, Obama has increased military presence in Afghanistan, been involved in increased civilian death counts in Pakistan. And just in one year.

But the award is more for his aspiration of peace, rather than his implication. It's for his dedication to reducing nuclear weapons and restoring strained diplomatic relationships.

And suddenly when peace is just a word that some people associate with hippies, Christmas carols, and sleeping babies, we begin discussing it again.

So, I kind of wonder - where is there peace in our pop-culture? Do our films represent peace? How about music? TV?

And if you can think of an example of contemporary Peace presented in art, is it effective, engaging, or something people are drawn towards?


DEZMOND said...

these Nobel prizes are always very disputable. Last year's winner was Marty Ahtisary, from Finland, who is a highly controversial political figure in many countries. He basically made more problems than solving them as peace negotiator, but he still got the prize.
Nobel PP is just a part of political games.

nintendo ds said...

I can't understand why the give Noble Prize to Obama? I think people forget what is Nobel price created.I am totally disagree with this matter. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela spent more than 20 years than they got Nobel Pirze. And Obama didn't done a single work to get it.