Thursday, October 08, 2009

Supporting Actress Race 2009- Internal Competition

The ladies of Nine
One of the on going complaints of Hollywood is not enough roles for women.

But then when a film does have roles for women, there's often more than one from a film who's got a chance for awards recognition.

Films in the past have had multiple nods in the best actress category (and the 1963 film Tom Jones had three supporting actress nominees).

This year seems to be one of those internal competition years where both, either, or neither female supporting ladies could score nods.

This years internal competition - and my prediction in the face-off.

Rosamund Pike vs. Emma Thompson
Face-off Prediction: Both are knocked out in round one.

The Lovely Bones

Susan Sarandon vs. Rachel Weisz
Face-off Prediction: Susan Sarandon

Mariah Carey vs Mo'Nique
Face-off Prediction: Mo'Nique

Anna Kendrick vs. Vera Farmiga
Face-off Prediction: Anna Kendrick

And the ultimate face off...

Marion Cotillard vs. Penelope Cruz vs. Judi Dench vs. Nicole Kidman vs. Kate Hudson vs. Sophia Loren
Face-off Prediction: It could go so many ways - let's say Dench and Cotillard knocks the other three out? And the Cotillard takes care of business? Who knows.

Supporting Actress Predictions Coming Soon! Care to weigh in?


Danny King said...

I think the battle from Up in the Air could be outstanding because while Kendrick might have a better role, Farmiga has slowly established herself as a great actress in films like The Departed, Nothing But The Truth, and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, so because of that reason, the Academy might rather recognize her. We'll see...

Andrew K. said...

Farmiga is the only reason that I'm looking forward to Up in the Air. I really cannot stand George Clooney...and the other day I heard someone reference this film to Sideways and that got me thinking. Didn't Sandra Oh have the better role than Virginia Madsen? And look who got all the buzz.

DEZMOND said...

I actually can't wait to see NINE, not only it's a musical but it also has that ultra talented female cast.