Monday, October 05, 2009

Did Dorothy Eat One of My Favorite Apples in Oz?

Thank you to everyone who recently shared in my apple snobbery and even suggested some new varieties to hunt out.

In doing some apple research, I began to wonder what type of apple Dorothy Gail was reaching for in the land of Oz.

In this 1939 film, I can tell you that the apples in the wizard of Oz weren't my favorite, Honey Crisp (an apple that wasn't "developed" until 1974).

It's weird to think of apples of having days they were created/developed/introduced. Apparently there are over 7000 types of apples, and while no apple has an origin or creation in Oz, I've decided that Dorothy was not attempting to eat one of my favorites.

Sure Gala and Granny Smith were both introduced prior to the films release, there colors are not quite the same color as the bright shiny color we see in the film.

Origins of my current favorite apples...
1. Honey Crisp: Created in Minnesota, 1974
2. Cripps Pink: Also known as Pink Lady, was created in Western Australia in 1973
3. Braeburn: Created in 1950s in Australia
4. Gala: Created in New Zealand in the 1920s
5. Granny Smith: Originated in Australia in 1868.

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Mike Oxlongenwyde said...

That part of the movie always freaked me out.