Monday, October 12, 2009

Peace & Superhero Movies

In the discussion of peace, I wanted to argue that films that are popular are rarely about peace, and if they are they are hardly successful.

But then, I thought about it some more and wanted to correct my earlier position.

As it stands I would suggest that one of the most popular genres - the Superhero genre is largely wrestling with the idea of peace.

Most superheroes are ultimately fighting for peace. And it is in that one word the dichotomy of peace arises.

For every superhero there is an long list of supervillians and even common villains who are at hand fighting against the cause of peace.

So whether it's New York City or Gotham at risk there is conflict of good vs. evil and evil's only intention is to destroy peace, and in some way, evil brings good down to it's own level by forcing violence.

Characters like Doctor Xavier from the X-Men series and Spider-Man truly represent some concepts of peace, who want to use their super abilities for good not evil. Of course, this frustrates the evil and here's where the fun, the exploding national monuments and the other-worldly combat comes in.

These films with themes of peace also are the same films that get the Oscar nominations for the loud explosions, fast cars, and combat noises.

Otherwise, I challenge you to find a poplar film about peace that isn't one of these superhero films.


Michael Parsons said...

Does Lord of the Rings count?

RC said...

@ Michael Parson's --- Interesting thought, I didn't even think about the fantasy films of this nature. I think as peace is concerned, it's pretty similar --- but the representation of peace in Frodo and Sam Wise is pretty touching.

They truly have a unique desire for peace.

Michael Parsons said...

The quest for peace in movies always has to be epically told, and though some form of fantasy.

In reality is seems to be quite unattainable.