Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best Actor Contender: Jeff Bridges

About two months ago I posted my rankings of 15 best actor contenders and where, at that time I saw them falling in line for the Oscars.

Clearly speculative, these list are for fun, and what makes the race fun is when new viable contenders pop up at the last minute.

That's the way it with Jeff Bridges who's film Crazy Heart, who appears to be a a viable contender not only for a nomination. And who knows? Even a win maybe?

Crazy Heart is based on the the book Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb about an old alcoholic country music star named Bad Blake (Bridges). Bridges comes in contact with a young journalist (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) who helps Bad Blake get back on track with life.

The film also stars Colin Farrel and Robert Duvall.

With Fox Searchlight pictures acquiring the rights to this film and preparing the 2009 release and Oscar campaign, we can anticipate that this film, particularly Jeff Bridges will have a role in award season.

I always love a little mix up and new arrivals to the award season. Welcome Jeff Bridges to the upcoming award season.

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