Sunday, December 27, 2009

Denzel Washington's 4th Lead Actor Nomination in 2010?

Besides Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington is another actor with three best lead actor Academy Award nominations.

Denzel Washington has proven to be a popular Actor loved by the masses and respected by the critics. He has been nominated for 3 lead actor nominations following his 2 supporting nominations (nominations for Cry Freedom, Glory, Malcolm X, The Hurricane, Training Day).

Denzel Washington will take on his fifth project with director Tony Scott with the film Unstoppable. Previous joint ventures include Crimson Tide (1995), Man on Fire (2004), Deja Vu (2006), and The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009).

Unstoppable tells the story of a veteran train director (Washington) and a young train director (Chris Pine) who work together to stop a freight train carrying combustible liquids.

This is probably not an Oscar winning film, especially considering that Tony Scott and Denzel Washington have never received nominations for their previous work together.

Denzel Washington will also appear in a couple of other potentially popular films, although neither of these films will probably warrant Oscar's attention.

Those film include a reprise of his previous role of Detective Keith Fraiser in Inside Man 2, as well as the post-apocalyptic super charged story The Book of Eli, set to premier in January.

I don't think this is Denzel's year to score a 6th nomination, and his 4th lead Actor nomination, not for lack of skill, but as a result of the three projects he is involved in do not appear to be specifically Oscar-caliber performances.

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Roar Savage said...

Seemed as though I read something (last year?) where Denzel was being really combative with interviewers. Has he decided to thumb his nose at the Hollywood establishment in his old age? That could hurt his chances, too, no?

Also: it surprises me that Man on Fire wasn't better received. I LOVED that movie. Does that make me a cinematic rube?