Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chris Evans: Is the Captain America deal a hot deal?

Word on the street has been that Chris Evans has been offered a deal with Marvel to play the anticipated role of Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) in the Avengers series.

In 2008, Nick Cassavette's was to be the director but now Joe Johnson is leading out on the project, but the role of Captain America remains uncasted.

I asked who should be cast in this role back in 2008, and feel like I threw out performers who were older than what Marvel was looking for, especially since Marvel is requesting a 9 movie deal.

It would appear that Chris Evans is the most recent victim of the intriguing offer.

In my mind, this puts a lot of eggs in every one's basket. It would mean Chris Evans, (already having played a Super Hero in Fantastic 4) would basically be signing the dotted line and defining his career by this role. Additionally Marvel would be putting a lot of responsibility on Evans not being a franchise bust (like Brandon Routh was to Superman).

I would think it'd be a tough call for Evans to make, it's a high profile role but I just can't get over the fact it's 9 films. Sure Evans would be gainfully employed, but this would become the framework for which has to be defined.

I'm not sure who else needs to sign the dotted line for the 9 movie, I know Samuel L. Jackson signed his name to the 9 movie contract to play Nick Fury for the Avenger film franchise...but it's really an incredibly ambitious project.

Other rumors floating out in Captain America land include Channing Tatum, Mike Vogel, and Garrett Hudlund.

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