Monday, April 12, 2010

A S_______ Man

It was confusing enough last year to have two films being released with the similar titles of A Single Man and A Serious Man.

And I don't even know if this film will make a splash on any sort of critical or public stage but today I read on Variety that Strand Releasing has acquired rights to a film to be released 4th quarter of this year called A Somewhat Gentle Man. The film is apparently a comedy about an ex-convict and stars Stellen Skarsgaard.

I think I'm going to write a screenplay with a generic title that I know will get bought up...may I recommend the following titles...

  • A Stupid Man
  • A Sarcastic Man
  • A Sardonic Man
  • A Silly Man
  • A Special Man
  • A Sweaty Man
  • A Scary Man
  • A Savvy Man
  • A Sinful Man
  • A Sappy Man
  • A Simple Man


Danny King said...

Ha, there is actually an older movie out there called "A Simple Plan," and Michael Douglas is set to star in a movie called "Solitary Man."

RC said...

@ Danny - fun that you mention A Simple Plan - I enjoy that movie quiet a bit!