Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Recomend I Confess

We've watched a lot of old films in our house recently, and because I generally don't have anything to say about classic films that hasn't already been said before, I usually don't say anything.

But I wanted to highlight one of the films that we watched a couple weeks back that I was not familiar with, but in watching it found that I very much enjoyed it. That film is "I Confess" directed by Alfred Hitchcock staring Montgomery Clift and Anne Baxter.

This is hardly one of Hitchcock's most famous works, and yet I highly recommend it. It's rhythm and pacing, as well as interesting story makes this a film I'm strongly recommending.

The film...without giving away the about a young priest who is told about a murder in a confessional, and then becomes suspected of the crime himself.

The moral intrigue alone makes this an interesting film. I hope some of readers will take the time to add this to there Netflix queue, buy a copy, or request it at the library.

As a film outside of the typical Hitchcock cannon of "greats" I think it deserves your viewing.

Another lesser known Hitchcock film I blogged on this year, The Lady Vanishes.


Loren Eaton said...

Ooh, this one looks interesting. I'm going to add it to my Netflix queue.

Okie said...

My wife and I watched this a few months ago. We purchased one of those "hitchcock dvd collections" and this was part of it. She threw it in not sure exactly what to expect.

We definitely enjoyed it. I definitely agree with you on the rhythm and pacing. Hitchcock did a fabulous job (as in his other films) of creating a lot of tension and suspense with a minimal amount of other elements.

Great film.

Joe Gillis said...

Now I know what to look for when I have that feeling for something different than that of the "classics" during our old film viewings.

RC said...

@ Loren & Joe - you'll have to let me know after watch it what you thought.

@ Okie - I think I've seen that packaging - it's like a 4 pack of less common films, like "Suspense" huh?