Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Praise of Independence Day Parades

Maybe it has something to do with getting older (I think it's something different), but when it comes to Fourth of July, these days nothing says "Happy Independence Day" like a parade.

A couple of years ago I posted how I wished for more on Fourth of July...more of a spirit to the Holiday that didn't just come and go with fireworks. I shared in that 2008 post about a favorite Fourth of July memory, that involved a trip to Granbury, TX and their small town festivities.
I griped about how that was my most memorable Fourth of July, and it was too bad that I couldn't remember more.

Last year, I had a similarly positive fourth of July experience in a small town in Kansas (Wamego, KS) where the late afternoon parade was long, well attended, and brought out all the small town community fun.

Now these small town parades are certainly no Macy's Day Parade or Tournament of Roses Parade, these parades have community leaders, businesses, memories, churches, kids, horses, old cars, tractors and motorcycles.

Fireworks of course are a fourth of July favorite, but for a parade is moving right up there with the over head pyrotechnics.

I mentioned at the start of my post, that it could be my age that has caused this change of heart, but I think it's the novelty of a parade that brings it's magic. It's the fact that these small towns shut down, and everyone gets involved (the lions club, the Baptist church, the little flowers daycare, the four H club, and city counsel) all united in a community celebration.

Perhaps this unity, diversity, and celebration is one of the best representations of freedom and independence one can find on this American holiday.

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Paula said...

Just came from a small-town Canada Day parade. Horses, cars with flowers on them, tractors, fire-trucks, Baptists, garbage men...all throwing candy at the kids on the side of the road.

There IS something wonderful about it! No matter what country you are in!