Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pepper...Ned Pepper...Barry Pepper

So with Angelina Jolie's film Salt debuting and my recent post on the 1969 version of True Grit. It's only appropriate to talk about it's long standing table-side companion...Pepper...that gritty black deeply flavorful stuff that is often associated with salt.

Actually I wanted to talk about the role of Ned Pepper in True Grit. The role of this most dangerous outlaw rebel-gang leader in the original film was played by Robert under 40 pre-Godfather, pre-Apocalypse Now, pre-Anything he's known for Duvall.

Interestingly bizarre in the Coen Brother's remake of True Grit due out later this year...the role of Ned Pepper is going to be played Barry Pepper (most known for ensemble roles alongside Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan and The Green Mile, also the TV movie *61).

And this is really what I want to strange is it that Barry Pepper is playing Ned Pepper?

I don't know about you but this could be distracting. That is a lot of Pepper.

Pictured: Pepper & Salt; Robert Duvall as Ned Pepper (1969); Barry Pepper in his Saving Private Ryan, he will be Ned Pepper (2010).

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