Monday, July 26, 2010

Ranking the Performances in Inception

Inception is sure to be one of the leading film at this years Oscars with a high nomination tally, but I wouldn't expect it to garner any attention for it's performances.

And it's not so much that the performances are weak,'s not quite that type of film.

I recall when the cast was being announced, and just that thought of some of these actors and actresses being in a film together was pretty crazy...when else would Ellen Page be in a movie with Marion Cottilard?

I think the magic of these characters in the great casting, that some how just fits just right and the character are supporting the film, as opposed to stealing attention for themselves. This is fantastic.

With that in mind...I thought I would rank my favorite performances in Inception. Feel free to share your own favorites.

1. Ellen Page, Ariande - I love the scene where she is in architect for the first time. She has that brave genius trouble-maker thing going for her that works so well. The only draw back here is some sappy emotional lines with Leo, but I'm not blaming her.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arthur - Maybe it's his fight scenes in the hotel that just seem so amazing, that it's not really Joey's acting at all that leaves you in awe, but rather some scenes that are shot so wonderfully and stylized. How could Gordon-Levitt not also seem great in these scenes?

3. Marion Cotillard, Mal - She might not get awards for this film, but that scene of her on the landing of the hotel will be shown again and again. People will say, who's Cotillard and they will not remind you of her Oscar win for La Vie en Rose, they will remind you of her performance as "Mal."

4. Tom Hardy, Eames - Hardy as the "forger" is really quite entertaining, provides enough comical relief to relieve the pressure and provides what turns out to be a surprisingly good performance.

5. Dileep Rao, Yusef - Who is this guy? A role in Avatar and now Inception? Clearly carries so important scenes himself and I can't picture anyone else.

6. Ken Wantanabe, Saito - And to think Gordon-Levitt got the Crouching Tiger moves? Wantanabe is consistent and makes much of what is an important but somewhat limited role.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio, Cobb - He gets the job done. And seems like respectable casting for the role. Some of the suppressed emotion came across kind of weird, but it was what it was, I suppose.

8. Cillian Murphy, Robert Fischer Jr. - Convincingly gullible.

9. Tom Berenger, Browning - Could definitely play more roles like this in the future, I feel like this part is definitely one that's out there, and he could do it again.

10. Michael Caine, Miles - His performance isn't poor, just way too limited to trump any of these others.

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crackers and cheese said...

I loved this film, but I thought that the characterization was weak. I agree with you, the acting wasn't weak, the actors played their parts well and worked great as the "team," other than Cobb and Mal, none of the characters were given any emotional depth. Which maybe was the point.