Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parenthood Season 2 - It's Back! We love it!

There is hardly anything that my wife and I enjoy more than our Tuesday Night Parenthood night.

Tonight was the premier of season 2. And it was great, my wife and I both enjoyed it, and I think my wife only cried once...maybe twice. But we laughed a lot.

One of the great things about the set up of the season was that they allowed the summer to pass and such some time to pass as well...probably about as long as it was inbetween seasons (say 3 months).

The nice thing about the time warp was that some of the more...lets say "draggy plot details" were able to be worked out (such as Zeek & Camille doing a little better in their relationship, but in counseling) or even Max seems like his therapy is going well, and while he had a breakdown in the episode it wasn't the central theme of the episode.

If only they could have found a way for Monica Potter's character (Kristina Braverman) to be less annoying...although, strangely she grows on us in all of her crazy-momness.

They even helped create texture to Joel's character (Sam Jaeger) which was a plus, since he's sort of the character in the background a lot of the time.

Now the only question is will Drew (Miles Heizer) have a role in this season or just show up now and again? Is Jasmine going to stick around in Crosby's life, or is she going to ditch him and sweep for Max's therapist?

My wife was so happy about Julia and Joel talking baby number 2 (just because she relates to Julie) and since we have a girl, she's just waiting for Julia and Joel to have a second child to mirror her life.

Mostly, how will this show continue to make us smile, laugh, and cry all in an hour every week. Thanks NBC for this guilty pleasure for every Tuesday night!

Pictured Above: Peter Krause as Adam Braverman in Parenthood.


Andrew K. said...

I was just weighing the options of me writing a post about the premiere. I've never seen any of the previous episodes, but I was very impressed particularly with Lauren and Erika. Definitely one I'll be keeping an eye on.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this show. And yes, I love Julia's character the most. Parenthood makes Tuesday almost as good as Friday :-)

Nicole said...

I just found out that season 2 has already been well into play. I've been testing DISHonline.com for my employer, DISH Network, and fell upon season 2 FREE of charge. I was overjoyed and started immediately. I too am a lot like your wife in the sense that it seems I get teary at some point in every episode. I even set my DVR on the website so I won't miss the end of this season. If anyone reading this is like me who just missed the train on this season I highly recommend watching it because it's better than season 1 and the character development makes each family member even more endearing and disliked.