Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Social Network - A Little Too Meta-Social For Me

It sounds like The Social Network, the film about Mark Zuckerberg and his creation and legal challenges of the popular social networking website, has received a fairly positive reception so far.

Obviously every where you crawl on the Internet gives you the option to "like" things, in fact, you can know how many people "like" this that or the other, and if so...which of your Facebook friends "like" it to.

So, this get's kind of meta too me on the page for The Social Network.

So far, none of my friends "like" the social network, but 7748 people "like" the film. Granted, it has no "user rating" so I'm not sure what the 7748 people like about it (except maybe they're fascinated with Facebook and liking things) since the film hasn't been released yet and hence has no user rating.

But whatever. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. It's everywhere. Facebook.


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