Saturday, October 16, 2010

Annette Bening Without Hilary Swank?

One of the early highly likely Oscar contenders for this upcoming year is Annette Bening for her role in The Kids Are All Right.

Annette's been nominated 3 times previously (lead actress American Beauty, and Being Julia and supporting actress for The Grifters).

Bening's bitter-trivia is that every time she's been nominated for lead she's lost out to Hilary Swank's "performance of a life time roles" (Boys Don't Cry, Million Dollar Baby).

So when there was this buzzed about film in the back ground the same year as Annette's potential success staring Hilary Swank - believe me, I've been watching to see how the year would play out.

The best actress race is still very open, especially with no sure-fire stand out wins, but Conviction has opened in theaters this weekend in limited release (11 theaters) but the early reviews have been lack-luster suggesting that this might not be a Swank vs. Bening through down after all.

Early feel would suggest that for this upcoming year, Bening will be short listed for playing fictional spouse to Julianne Moore, while Swank will be left out of the running for her role as Betty Anne Waters in Conviction.

With a questionable list of contenders, I suppose Swank could still sneak in, but at this point, I feel like her name has been moved off the list much like it did last year with a lack-luster response to Amelia.

The same question looms for a possibility of a Bening win. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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Unknown said...

This made me strongly dislike Hilary Swank. WHen she was saying she only chose roles that were compelling she sounded very arrogant. Also, she kept interrupting people!! At one point towards the end she interrupted Amy Adams, but Amy wasn't having it, she just kept speaking. Nice one, Amy. To get more info please visit