Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Good Funny of 2010 {and the globes}

"...this post makes a great point. Lots of dramedy lately. I can't even imagine this year's Best Film - Comedy or Musical GG category :)) because you know, Love & Other, Kids Are All Right, Alice in W, How Do You Know are all SO hilarious..." --Alex in Movieland on StrangeCulture Post Do we Want Christmas movies (like we did 10 & 20 years ago)?

I loved Alex's point about 2010 film year as he began to ponder the Golden Globe categories that are built around comedy & musical film (best film comedy/musical, best actor comedy/musical, best actress comedy/musical) because the fact of the matter is there are some slim pickings. Unless of course, as Alex points out, these dramatic films that are a little "less heavy" are placed in the comedy category by the golden globes.

Considering that the Golden Globes will make stretches in category placement, here's a list of this years potentials based on my personal assessment, am I missing something? I'm also keeping in mind that they go for star power and budgets so small independent films no one has heard of probably are not close to making the cut.

This year's comedies that could make Golden Globes top 5, ranked by my amateur prediction of their nominatableness (if that were a word)...note, I know films like "Eat Pray Love" is not a comedy or a musical, but I think that's the type of stretch that could required this year.

1. The Kids Are All Right
2. Love and Other Drugs
3. How Do You Know
4. Morning Glory
5. Due Date
6. Little Fockers
7. Eat Pray Love
8. The Tourist
9. Date Night
10. Somewhere
11. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
12. Grown Ups
13. Sex and The City 2
14. Greenberg
15. It's Kind of A Funny Story
16. Hot Tub Time Machine
17. Gulliver's Travels
18. Get Him to the Greek
19. Dinner for Schmucks
20. The Other Guys
21. Valentine's Day
22. The Switch
23. Killers
24. The Back-Up Plan
25. Leap Year
26. The Spy Next Door
27. She's Out of My League


Andrew K. said...

The pseudo biopic of Lennon "Nowhere Boy" is campaigning as a musical, and though it's a slight category fraud in the vein of "Walk the Line" or "What's Love Got to Do With It" I don't mind because it's unfortunately been forgotten and Aaron Johnson (along with Kristin Scott Thomas and Anne Marie Duff) would all be worthy of recognition from me.

Nowhere Boy, Greenberg, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and The Kids Are All Right would all be locks for me - though I suppose only the last one will be remembered.

Castor said...

Glad to see Morning Glory up there, probably the funniest movie I have seen all year.