Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Far Will Andrew Garfield Go? (with contrast to Eddie Redmayne's career)

There's some actors who seem to arise out of nowhere. I remember having this reflection in 2007 when Eddie Redmayne an unknown in my book started appearing in the cast of prestige films. After seeing him perform in a less-than-stellar capacity in The Good Shepherd I couldn't help but compliment his agent, not Redmayne's ability for some stellar roles.

And while Redmayne continues to get unique and interesting roles (a lead role in the Marilyn Monroe/Laurence Olivier biopic in 2011) and a lead role in Starz TV mini-series Pillars of the Earth, his name has strayed from the award circuit and the news stands. I still maintain his lack of bankability, long or short term.

That being said...Andrew Garfield is another out of nowhere actor who seems to have an amazing agent. Garfield has done some indy-film work before 2010 but this year has landed himself in the A-list cast of the film Never Let Me Go alongside Carey Mulligan and Keira Knighley as well as a highly praised performance in David Fincher's film The Social Network.

We'll see how much award season praises the Facebook-based biopic, but it seems to me like Andrew Garfield will have an excellent chance of some award attention (unless he looses out in favor of Justin Timberlake).

That being said, Garfield's career is taking a quick turn with him taking the reigns of Tobey Maguire in the Spider-Man film series set to play Spidey/Peter Park in 2012.

From there, we'll see where Garfield goes, but in my assessment, it seems like Garfield doesn't just have an amazing agent, but also has some talent that has the potential to take Garfield to places that Eddie Redmayne could never go.

(pictured top to bottom: Andrew Garfield in The Social Network; Garfield and Carrey Mulligan in Never Let Me Go)


Anonymous said...

redmayne just won a tony award and an olivier- i'm not sure you can say he has no talent.

RC said...

@ anon- my exposure to redmayne has always been in his film roles, and his cinema performances have been small but lack something to be desired...particularly for the caliber of films he's been in so far.

I do stand corrected in regards to a broad sweeping statement on Redmayne's general talent. Perhaps he's more suited for stage-work (?)