Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Blog Project: An Idea 2 Blog

I have started a new blog project this weekend.

I fully plan on continuing writing for StrangeCulture, this new blog called An Idea 2 Blog is designed as a reference tool for inspiration.

More or less, this blog will capture some of my personal "research" I do when I'm planning future blog post, or cultivating an idea.

And perhaps, I might consider blogging about something like the 40 year anniversary of the Southern Airlines crash that killed Marshall University football players, but maybe that idea never takes flight...doesn't mean I can't share it with my blog readers.

I highly encourage you to check out An Idea to Blog (at, subscribe in a reader for some regular blog-inspiration.

I also welcome your comments here on this post on how you might make this blog project a success, and how this tool would be most useful to you.

Thanks for your readership and interest in this future project. We'll see how it grows and takes flight.

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