Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska

I'm sure the blogosphere is more interested in this Sunday's TLC premier of Sarah Palin's Alaska then many other TLC premiers.

There are so many things I could write about the 8 episode "reality TV" program that's premiering and I feel like anything I say probably has been said this week. This 8 episode series taps into many interest such as travel, outdoor living, and reality TV. But more than people's interest in the scenic wilderness of Alaska this series takes a polarizing political figure and provides them a non-political platform to try to show a controlled image of cable television.

I can't imagine that the shows ratings will explode, but I'm sure there will be plenty of commentary on what is shown.

Like her, love her, or hate her she has to be one of the most interesting people in America today. Out of nowhere she was announced as John McCain's running mate and somehow the rest is history. Apart from her political stamp of approval and her force in changing to discourse of many Republicans and Americans, she also has been a unique pop culture icon. Her style created one of the most interesting Saturday Night Live characters, she continues to draw large crowds, her daughter and daughter's fiance Levi Johnson created their own political headlines, and the families already seen Reality TV with Bristol Palin's role on Dancing With the Stars.

And some might say, if Sarah Palin's 8 episode TV series is viewed as a success it's not like this will be something that easily recreated, no matter how other politicians may try.

These programs would never be greenlighted:
  • Nancy Pelosi's San Fransisco
  • John Boehner's Ohio
  • Ed Rendell's Pennyslvania
  • Olympia Snowe's Maine

In fact, the only other political person who has as much "star power" to pull off a Reality TV show seems to be President Barack Obama. And I could see people perhaps being interested in watching "Barack's Chicago" on TLC. Beyond that, I don't think anyone else could pull off the feat Palin is accomplishing.

And like everything Palin does, it will surely stir up her detractors, be met with a warm reception by her fans, and causing waffling in the middle by those who haven't been drawn to one pole or the other.

That being said, I don't know what this show will ultimately due to the direction of Sarah Palin's political and cultural course, but I can say that I can't imagine anyone else pulling something like this off as well as I expect she will. She's a cultural icon of our present day, and her ability to continue to remain in the spotlight is a testimony to her creativity and strange star power.


Anonymous said...

Is her star power really so strange? She stepped up in a time that no other Republican had major face value. Being relatively attractive helps things as well.

Wanda said...

Very good, I enjoy reading your reviews and articles.