Monday, January 24, 2011

24: We're Done, Should you Watch it to?

My wife and I just finished season 8 of 24...after watching all 8 seasons and the made for TV movie we're a little sad to see the series be over, although for Jack's sake, how many of the longest days of your life can you have?

That being said the long-standing vision of a theatrical movie is still promising and so even watching the last season one of my big questions was "who's going to die and become film ineligible."

Now after watching all 196 episodes you might ask...Is it worth it? Should I watch it?

My response would be...yes...sure some seasons are a little better than others, some plot elements get repeated throughout the years, and some of the "real time" episodes mean a whole lot happens (or way too much then is realistic). But here are the reasons why I think it's enjoyable...

3 Reasons to Watch 24
1. Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer is pop icon that needs to be watched to be understood and appreciated.

2. The changing cast, aw-ha-excitement of a return character, and the surprise turn of good characters gone bad is pure entertainment.

3. It's an interesting history study of the first decade of the twentieth century. Keep in mind 24 began shortly before the 9/11 terrorist attack and so the tone of the shop changes over the years to mirror changes in cultural perceptions of terrorism, torture, and a war on terrorism.

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Lorna said...

I would agree with you. We watched it as it played and often felt breathless at the end of the show. Of course there were some "OH Jack, really?" moments but more often some awesome premises and shocking turns. always worth the hour.