Sunday, January 16, 2011

When Globes Collide - Un-Thoughts on the 68th Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes for the year are over. I unregretably had to miss a portion of the ceremony, but all the same, feel the compulsory need to write a post on tonight 68th Golden Globes ceremony.

I previously wrote about some discontent with this year's award lineup in conjunction with the nominations, so I won't repeat my self.

But the awards are over, and I don't really feel like any of the wins said anything remarkably new about this year's award season or who to be watching...if anything, it would seem that the TV show winners (particularly a show like Boardwalk Empire that won best TV series drama, and acting award for Steve Buscemi) might get a bump in viewers and prestige.

Otherwise, it is what it is.

With that in mind, I've still interested in what Oscar nomination morning might hold as I think there is still perhaps some room for surprises in the nomination fields...but if you're one who reveals in award coverage and looks forward to that coverage here...this compulsory post is here to tell you, the general enthusiasm for this past years film is lacking. I enjoyed these "top" films like The Social Network & The King's Speech but the dynamics of the awards line-up isn't there for me.

If the enthusiasm is there for you this year, I'd love to hear what's grabbed you in this year's award season or in tonight's Golden Globe telecast.

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