Monday, January 17, 2011

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's 2nd Daughter

My wife, 39 weeks pregnancy, will surely be jealous when she hears this story.

It was just recently announced that Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban have welcomed their second daughter Faith Margaret Kidman Urban into the world. And this news of the baby is a shock, particularly since it was actually born a couple of weeks ago (December 28, 2010).

Unlike Kidman's first child (Sunday Rose, born July 2008), this time pictures of Kidman's pregnant baby bump were no where to be captured by camera film. In fact Kidman's been busy promoting her film Rabbit Hole with a limited release beginning just shortly before Faith Margaret was born.

And the explanation is that there was a carrier. mother involved who carried this child that biologically is both Kidman and husband Keith Urban.

I'm not really know what I think about this scientifically assisted situation, and I'm certain that there will be plenty in the media and blogospophere who weigh in on this decision. Of course, people will be weighing in with perhaps less-that-complete information.

So, unpregnant, Kidman's second daughter entered the world, and I can only imagine the experience of the surrogate mother who carried this child and surely had to keep a very big secret.

So...I can only imagine what my wife will think of this story who is not only eagerly waiting meeting our son, but is also eager to experience the after-effects of labor...that longer being pregnant.



mae said...

yea...I think Kim is about done being pregnant, but I know that she would not want someone else to carry her baby.

Anonymous said...

That is so crazy - I hadn't heard that. Yea, I don't know that I am jealous of her in that respect. While I am interested in adopting, I don't think that I would sign someone else up (or pay them lots of $$$) to carry our own child.